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Half-life 2 riot act
[ · Скачать удаленно (119 MB) ] 28.06.2008, 21:00
Riot Act is a small singleplayer only mod for Half-Life 2. You'll play the role of Jamil Lee, a young member of the civilian resistence, taken by the Combine and currently prisoned in Nova Prospekt. The mod also features full HDR

Numbness and rage.
Fright and anger.
I open my eyes. Oh, well. My cell is pitch dark anyhow.
"Block E1". I heard their inhuman voices.
Lying on this cold metal bed, I stretch my arms along my sides.
This must be the right posture to fit in a pod.
I do not tolerate the idea of not being ready.

Yes, but ready for what?
No, I won't give way to grief.

A squeaky sound...
No, no way. It can't be true.
The door opens, light replaces darkness.
I will ask for a reason later. Now I have a choice to take. An easy one.
I will run the hell out of here, whatever it takes.
It's time to get a little revenge.
It's time to start my own riot act.

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