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Portal: flash version mappack
[ · Скачать удаленно (39.41 MB) ] 06.07.2008, 22:32
Based on Portal: The Flash Version, we have brought all the levels and concepts back to the original Portal version, in this huge mappack!
This time, experience Aperture Science from a different perspective, before the time of the original Portal, as a different test subject. This mappack includes ALL 40 levels from WCS's Flash version, additional bonus levels and features. All together, we've got here over three and a half hours of amazing gameplay.


  • Based on Portal:TFV
  • More than 40 test chambers.
  • Level design similar to the orginial Portal style
  • Level difficulty is balanced, like the original
  • New gameplay elements, such as the Electric Floors, Crushers, Blue and Red frizzles from the Flash version.
  • Isn't a test chamber after a test chamber, much more than that.
  • Awesome storyline that connects to the Portal and the Half life 2 story
  • Epic moments.
  • Boss battle.
  • Epic ending.
  • The longest custom map so far.

    Have fun!
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